Sunday, July 22, 2012


This has been a crazy month. My father-in-law's dog had puppies a few months back (mostly because FIL is fascinated that he can put two animals of the same species but different sex together and make more) and we were suckered in to taking three of them by our children's sweet but devious faces. I had planned on making appointments at the vet for them for the end of the month for their shots and to get fixed, but before I could do that they all contracted parvo. The girl died at home. The two boys spent three days at the animal hospital recovering, to the tune of $1100. I'm glad they are home and healthy, but my wallet is really missing that money.

Then we found one of our cats, who had been with us since the year we married, dead in our back room.

Then this week, dogs attacked and killed two of our chickens.

I'm really ready for all of the damn animals to stop dying.

In other news, I'm finished with my online ethics class. I managed an A without too much effort, but I don't think I'll be taking two summer classes while working full-time ever again. I've got two weeks of pre-calculus left. I've got an A so far, here's hoping I can keep it up.

That's it, really. Nothing exciting. Just plugging along. As soon as summer classes end, we're taking the family to Chicago for a long weekend of much as you can relax with four children in tow. Looking forward to sightseeing, good music and even better pizza.

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